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$490 usd / per vehicle

Xplor Fuego

Xel-Ha All Inclusive Tour

On our Xplor Fuego Private Tour Awake your senses and throw yourself to the darkness with the different activities like Zip lines: Flight among the stars. In this thrilling activity, Xplorers will be able to fly through the treetops and amidst the stars for a birds eye view to admire the beauty of the softly lit jungle. Stalactite River Swim: Enter into an undergroud paradise surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites where the stars will be your guide.
Amphibius Vehicles: The thrilling trek in these vehicles amidst torches, fireflies and sounds of the jungle make this and amazing experience. Rafts: On board a Raft and padding with your own hands, journey a circuit of underground caverns accompanied by the moonlight. Relax and be amazed before these incredible rock formations created by the passing of time

Reound trip Private Van
Bilingual Driver
Access to Area Plus facilities.
Lunch buffet.
Unlimited beverages (coffee, chocolate and fresh-flavored water).
At Xplor Fuego, have dinner as you please with a delicious buffet that includes variety of meat, with options for vegetarians and desserts.
Glide in incredible zip-lines under the starry sky.
Drive an amphibious vehicle at night through the forest.
Swim in underground rivers inside a natural stunning setting.
Equipment (Zip-Lines: helmet and harness, Rafts: helmet and paddles, Stalactite River Swim: helmet and life jacket, Amphibious Vehicles: helmet and vehicle for two).
Locker, Rest areas, dressing rooms and bathrooms.
Hammock Splash.

Does not Include:
Pictures and Towels
Tip for the driver

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Remember the price is for a vehicle up to 14 passengers

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